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In 2020 I gave birth to my second child, with that I made the decision to leave my secure job in IT to pursue something that I had been following since 2013.
I studied Reiki Level 1 in 2013 and it really did change my life forever, I was suffering with a chronic illness and along side the right diet and yoga I managed to come off the long term medication and sent it into remission to this day.
I have always been interested in how the body can heal itself through letting go of blockages and old ways of thinking, with the correct nutrition and mindset, miracles can occur.
With that I decided to pursue my level 3 reiki Master Teacher training, which subsequently then led me to Reflexology. I am also currently on my journey into Angelic energy healing, not to mention a number of other little avenues I have journeyed down, such as crystal energy, shamanic healing, and also aromatherapy.
I know want to help others discover their own hidden powers and continue this never ending journey.