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Crystal healing allows us to harness the vibration, frequency and energy of a variety of crystal combinations to amplify our own energy systems and allow us to clear blockages and stabilize our own frequencies.

Each crystal has its own unique vibrational energy and these vibrations are relevant to the different chakras in the body, allowing certain crystals to be used in collaboration with energy healing.

Root Chakra

Black tourmaline is the all protective and powerful root chakra stone which gives you an enormous sense of safety and protection. It is known for transforming and transmuting negative energy into positive energy so can really help with feelings of anxiety and depression. It also supports the adrenal gland so helps keep energy levels running high.

Jet black obsidian is known as the mirror stone as it can show you the truth of your soul. It has lovely grounding energies that help you walk with love, knowledge and authenticity. It is a powerful crystal for dealing with past traumas and helps protect you from psychic attacks.

Tiger’s Eye twinkles with a knowing power. It brings strength to your root chakra by reminding you that you are the master of your own destiny and there is nothing you can’t handle. Tigers Eye improves our natural body language, helping us to communicate our wants and desires to the universe. It keeps toxic energy cleared away, and ensures that no matter what – you stay grounded.

Lastly is my favorite stone for the root chakra – hematite. This silvery stone is great at balancing energy and keeping you well and truly grounded, particularly the magnetic one. It keeps you anchored in the here and now and teaches you to master your mind. It neutralizes any negativity that comes your way and stops your mind from wandering all over.

Sacral Chakra

Carnelian – Orange Carnelian is a great stone for increasing creativity, vibrancy and passion. This stones energy has a warmth that matches its shades of fiery brightness that burns with energy. In ancient times, Carnelian can help with fertility issues and is linked with the Egyptian Goddess Isis. If you want need to kickstart a project or just let your creative juices flow this stone is great to work with.

Argonite – Aragonite Star Crystal comes in beautiful peach clusters. The name brings up images of far off dimensions and galaxies with sparkling treasures and sacred geometry but in fact Aragonite is actually a great grounding crystal. The vibration has similar vibes to Tigers Eye by keeping your emotions in check and allowing you to embrace self-care. Aragonite is also great at helping you with creativity and gives you confidence and concentration levels to finish what you begin, with bells on. It can also help you disperse negative energy and anger, and allowing space for you to allow your light to shine.

Citrine – One of the more well known of the sacral crystals, this crystal is actually an orange amethyst. Citrine is as bright as the sun and is pure healing energy. Because of this warm energy it helps to gently shake out any blockages in the sacral chakra and opens you up to allowing yourself to receive all of the gifts the universe has to give. It can help to attract abundance and help you to create your own.

Moonstone – I couldn’t have a section on the sacral chakra without including moonstone. This radiant feminine energy should never be underestimated. Moonstones pure white light, helps to brighten the darkest sky. It can help with fertility issues and PMS and is also a stone of new beginnings and creation, and allows you to embrace the change that life forever throws at us. It heals attachment issues and like the lessons of the trees, teaches us that we must let go in order to grow.

Solar Plexus Chakra

Sunstone – The fiery bright sunstone carries the healing energy of the Egyptian sun god Ra, Sunstone helps you to bask in the radiance of all the things you are grateful for. As with citrine, sunstone also works across the sacral chakra and the solar plexus chakra so it is all about a balanced energy, energy of creating turning into power. It holds the space for positivity, confidence and self-worth.

Yellow topaz – The dreamy detoxifier, you’ll know when yellow topaz has entered your life. Topaz adds a little sparkle and the yellow variety promises brighter days, as with citrine, and yellow jasper, Yellow Topaz gets to work on both the sacral chakra and the solar plexus chakra too. It flushes of blockages and remnants of negative energy making way for positivity and light.

Yellow Jasper – Let sunlight come streaming into your life with the Yellow Jasper stone. This stone is linked to the solar plexus chakra and the sacral chakra and helps sunlight come streaming into your life. Jasper is known to absorb negativity and chase out any darkness.

Pyrite – Although it holds the nickname Fools Gold, this stone is truly valuable when it comes to vibration and frequency. It is a great gem for helping out in tough times and helps us remember that pressure can make diamonds, or in this case gold. It echoes all the that the solar plexus can be and helps increase determination, drive, and vitality.

Heart Chakra

The heart chakra, or Anahata, is the fourth primary chakra in the body’s energy system. It is associated with love, compassion, understanding, self-worth and is the bridge between the physical and spiritual realms. This chakra is located in the center of the chest and is a green color. To help balance and open this chakra, try activities such as yoga, meditation, visualization, self-reflection and spending time in nature. Additionally, eating foods such as green vegetables, apples and cacao can help to open the heart chakra.

Rose Quartz

Rose quartz is a type of quartz that ranges in color from very light pink to deep rose pink.

It is a form of silicate mineral composed of silicon dioxide and is usually found in pegmatite. Rose quartz has been used in jewelry and decorative carvings since the time of ancient Egypt.

It is believed to be beneficial for the heart, helping to open it to unconditional love and healing. Physically, rose quartz is said to be beneficial for the skin, alleviating wrinkles and smoothing out complexion. It is also believed to have calming and soothing properties and to be a stone of inner harmony and peace.


Moldavite was first introduced to me in a town called Whitby in the UK during a goth festival. Moldavite is an olive-green or bottle-green colored tektite, an impact-generated glass found in the Czech Republic.

It is thought to be formed by a meteorite impact approximately 15 million years ago, and it is known for its powerful metaphysical properties. It is said to be a stone of transformation, and can be used to facilitate spiritual growth.

It is said to help to clear and activate the chakras, and it is a powerful aid for meditation and manifestation. It can help to awaken your inner strength, and can act as a bridge between the physical and spiritual realms.

If you want one of the most powerful meditations of your life hold moldavite and Herkimer diamond while meditating and it will bring you to new levels.


Malachite is an incredibly powerful healing stone that is believed to promote emotional and spiritual healing.

It is thought to enhance one’s creativity and help to balance emotions, soothe stress, and encourage a calm and peaceful state of mind. It is also believed to help with physical healing, such as detoxification, improving blood quality, and providing pain relief. It is also said to provide protection from negative energy and promote good luck and abundance.

Malachite will enhance emotions so if you are having a particularly bad day don’t wear it.


Rhodochrosite is known for its excellent healing properties, as it is said to help with emotional stress, self-love, and strengthening one’s connection with their spiritual side. It is also known to help with physical issues such as blood pressure, skin issues, and breathing problem.

Rhodochrosite is an excellent stone for emotional healing. It has a strong connection to the heart and can be used to open and heal the heart chakra. It can help to boost self-confidence, bring joy and enthusiasm into your life, raise self-esteem, and bring deeper love and compassion into relationships.

Rhodochrosite can also help to relieve stress, depression and anxiety. It is believed to help to balance emotions and bring a sense of calm and peace. Physically, it is thought to be beneficial for the circulatory system, kidneys, and the heart. It is also believed to have the ability to boost the immune system and increase energy levels.

Throat chakra

The Throat Chakra is associated with communication, expression, and creativity. Its element is ether, and its colour is blue. This chakra governs the throat, neck, and jaw, and it helps us to express ourselves and communicate clearly. It is said to be associated with the power of truth, and when balanced it can help us to express our truth without fear.

When this chakra is unbalanced, it can manifest as feelings of repressed creativity and feelings of not being able to express yourself. Working with the Throat Chakra can help you to speak your truth and express yourself fully.


Aquamarine is said to be a healing stone with many calming and soothing properties. It is believed to help reduce stress and anxiety, as well as promote emotional balance and peace. It is also said to help with mental clarity and focus, making it a great choice for meditation and spiritual work. Aquamarine is also believed to help with physical ailments such as colds, sinus issues, and digestive problems. It is also said to be beneficial for the throat, teeth, and eyes. Overall, aquamarine is a stone with many healing properties, and is a great choice for anyone looking to promote physical, emotional, and spiritual well-being.

Lapis Lazuli

A truly magical stone, the wizards stone. Lapis lazuli is said to have a variety of healing properties. Its deep blue colour is said to help balance the throat chakra, aiding in communication and self-expression.

It is also said to help bring clarity to the mind and encourage creativity and inner vision. Lapis lazuli is said to help reduce stress and enhance mental clarity, as well as increase physical vigour.

It is also believed to help boost the immune system and increase circulation. In addition, it provides protection and clarity in difficult times, and can help bring inner peace and harmony.


The first crystal I ever bought myself, I have always been drawn to blue stones, and my throat chakra has been something I have struggled with for a lot of my life so it goes to show that my attraction to the blue stones was not unfound.

Sodalite is said to be a powerful healing stone, with the ability to help with physical, emotional, and spiritual healing. It is believed to help reduce stress and anxiety and promote peace and clarity. It is also known to help with issues related to communication, intuition, and self-expression. Additionally, sodalite is said to help with sleep, digestion, and purification, as well as providing protection from negative energy and electromagnetic radiation.

Larimar Crystal

Larimar is by far my favourite crystal, I first discovered it about 15 years ago and have loved and wore it nearly every day since. It is a rare crystal with beautiful blue and green tones found in the Dominican republic. It is believed to have powerful healing properties and is known as the “dolphin stone.”

It is said to be an excellent stone for self-healing and healing of others, as it helps to soothe and balance the emotions. It is said to help one access the power of their inner self and to connect with the spiritual world. People use Larimar to help with physical healing, such as pain relief, inflammation, and to reduce stress.

It is also said to be beneficial for mental and emotional healing, allowing one to better understand their true purpose and open up to forgiveness and understanding.

Third eye chakra

The Third Eye Chakra, also known as the Ajna Chakra, is the sixth chakra in the body and is located between the eyebrows. This chakra is associated with intuition, imagination, insight, and spiritual awareness. It is believed that when this chakra is balanced and open, we are able to access higher levels of consciousness and connect to our inner wisdom. In order to open and balance the Third Eye Chakra, it is important to practice meditation, yoga, and mindful breathing. You can also use essential oils, crystals, and mantras to help open and balance this chakra.


Amethyst is a beautiful purple colored crystal that has many properties associated with it.

Amethyst is known as a “master healer.” It has been used for centuries to help with physical, mental, and emotional healing. It is believed to promote relaxation, reduce stress, and boost self-confidence. It is also thought to be able to stimulate creativity, enhance psychic abilities, and help with spiritual growth. It can be used in many ways, such as wearing it as jewellery, placing it in an area of your home, or using it in meditation or healing sessions.

It is said to aid in purification, spiritual growth, and protection. It is believed to help with mental clarity, emotional balance, and can even protect against negative energy. Amethyst is also thought to help with insomnia, nightmares, and stress. It is a powerful healing stone that can help to bring a sense of peace and calm to the user.


Labradorite is a mineral that is highly valued for its beautiful iridescent flashes of blue, green, yellow, and orange. It is a powerful protection stone that shields the aura from negative energy and is known to help with spiritual growth and enlightenment.

It is believed to be a stone of transformation, helping to increase the psychic awareness and assist with communication with higher guides and spirits. Labradorite is also known to be a stone of luck and manifestation, helping to bring dreams and wishes into reality.

It is also known to activate and open the Third Eye, which can lead to greater insight and intuitive understanding. Labradorite is a great stone to work with when you feel like you are in need of a little extra protection and guidance


Fluorite is known to be a powerful healing crystal due to its ability to balance, stabilize, and ground.

It helps to bring clarity and understanding to the mind and can be used to help open up all of the chakras. It is said to help clear away negative energy, promote peace and harmony, and aid in the healing of physical, mental, and emotional issues.

It is also great for amplifying positive energy and manifesting one’s desires. Fluorite has a lovely gentle energy and can be associated with the Archangel Ariel


Lepidolite is known for its calming and soothing properties and has been used for centuries to help with anxiety, depression, and stress. Lepidolite is also said to be a powerful cleanser and balancer of the emotional body and can help to reduce feelings of frustration, anger, and worry.

It is also said to help with understanding subconscious patterns and can be used to help one better understand their life purpose. Physically, Lepidolite is said to be helpful for calming the nervous system, as well as aiding in the relief of symptoms related to headaches, exhaustion, and insomnia.

I gridded myself a Lepidolite labradorite and rose quartz grid earlier today not knowing I’d be completing these this evening.

Crown Chakra

The Crown Chakra, or Sahasrara, is the seventh chakra and is located at the top of the head. It is associated with the color violet and the element of cosmic energy. It is associated with pure consciousness, universal love, wisdom, and spiritual connection to the divine. When this chakra is balanced and open, we are able to access a higher level of awareness, intuition, and connection to the universe. We are also able to experience a greater sense of peace and wellbeing.

Clear quartz

Clear quartz is a powerful and versatile stone with many properties. It is said to have the ability to amplify energy, help clear and focus the mind, and to promote clarity and insight. It is also thought to be able to attract and manifest positive energy, and to promote balance and harmony.

Additionally, it is believed that clear quartz can help clear energy blockages, promote emotional healing, and encourage spiritual growth. In terms of physical health, it is thought to help with headaches, eye strain, and to support overall wellbeing.


Selenite is known for its calming and cleansing properties, as well as its ability to promote spiritual awareness and clarity of the mind. Selenite is believed to be a powerful healing crystal that can be used to help clear negative energy and open the chakras.

It is also said to help with communication with the higher realms and angels. Physically, Selenite has been used to help promote healthy digestion, as well as to reduce stress and anxiety.

Selenite has a high vibration, and is believed to help with spiritual growth and connection to the divine. It can also be used to help open and activate the chakras. By holding a piece of selenite in your hand while meditating, it can help you achieve a deeper state of relaxation and focus.

It can be used for cleansing energy also, so if you are somewhere that you cannot smudge with sage, you can use selenite as an alternative


Howlite is a beautiful and calming stone that is believed to help reduce stress and anxiety.

It is also thought to help with communication, both verbal and non-verbal, as well as to promote patience, understanding, and peace. It is said to be a great stone for strong emotional healing, and can help to bring one’s awareness to their inner wisdom. A

dditionally, Howlite is believed to aid in the process of releasing attachments, old patterns, and toxic emotions such as fear, anger, and resentment. It can also help calm the mind and invite a deep meditative state.


Charoite known as the soul stone is a beautiful and unique crystal that is believed to be a powerful healing and spiritual stone.

Charoite is said to bring courage and strength to its wearer, as well as help them to connect with their inner wisdom. Charoite is believed to help aid in releasing fear and stress, allowing one to open up to higher spiritual vibrations and attune to their intuition.

It is also believed to help connect to the spirit world and access past lives. Charoite is known to be an excellent all-purpose healing stone, as it is believed to help with physical healing, emotional balancing, and spiritual growth.