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Hawthorn Healing Pricing
  • Reflexology
    1 hr Session
    Child and Baby Reflexology
    Baby reflexology plus training for parents
    Reflexology Mini Session
    Mini reflexology session 35mins
    Reflexology Energy Healing combo
    Reflexology and energy healing session 75mins
  • Energy Healing
    Reiki and Angelic Energy Healing
    Reiki session 60mins
    Angelic Energy Healing
    Angelic Healing 60 mins
    Angelic Healing with mini card reading
    Angelic Energy Healing followed by mini 3 card Angel Card reading
  • Distant Healing
    Healing over Zoom
    Reiki Distant Healing
    Distant reiki over zoom 45mins
    Angelic distant healing
    Distant Angelic Healing over zoom 45mins
  • Reproflexology
    Reproductive Reflexology
    Initial Consultation Individual
    Individual reproflexology consultation
    Initial Consultation Couple
    Couples reproflexology Consultation
    Reproflexology Session
    Fertility reflexology session